BoboVR Z4 Mini - 3D VR Headset for Android or Apple IOS smartphones

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From the company which brought you the BoboVR Z4, (the ultimate, all-in-one headset for Android or Apple mobile phones), comes the BoboVR Z4 mini.

Lighter, thinner and more comfortable, the Z4 Mini loses the built-in speakers and the higher price tag enabling you to use your choice of headphones. All the other class leading features such as a massive 120 degree FOV (field of view), excellent quality lenses, adjustments for myopia (short sightedness) and an overall high degree of adjustability remain.

With the BoboVR Z4 mini, you won’t feel as if you’re viewing your virtual world through a box, as happens with many other/cheaper headsets. Instead, your virtual reality will wrap around you, drawing you in to the alternate world created by your game or movie.

Suitable for cell phones with a screen between 4.7 - 6.2 inches, the BoboVR Z4 enables easy and secure installation of Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and other smart phones.

Whether for yourself, or as a gift for a lucky mobile phone user, we believe you won't find a better lightweight VR Headset. Pick one up whilst stocks last and take advantage of the many free apps, movies and other VR content available.

Main Features:

Huge 120 degree field of view (significantly larger than Samsung Gear VR)
Japanese imported 35mm PMMA lens for a realistiic view
Suitable for people within 0 - 800 degrees myopia, and 0 - 400 degree hyperopia
Adjustable pupil distance for different users
Excellent heat dissipation
Extremely ightweight design for comfort during extended wear
Very adjustable headband with even stress distribution

Package Contents:

Comes with cleaning cloth and user manual in an attractive retail box