Bluetooth gamepad remote controller for Android & iOS mobile phones and tablets

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  • $8.99

At last, an affordabel bluetooth gamepad controller that works with both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) mobile devices.

Whilst inexpensive, the joystick on this controller has a good degree of stiffness (not too soft or wobbly) as do the buttons which press with a definitive 'click'.

In addition to game mode, you can use in music mode to play, skip tracks, adjust volume etc. This remote controller can also be used as a selfie shutter for your cell phone's camera.

We've tested the music mode, game mode and selfie shutter on an iPhone 5 running iOS 10.1.1 and can confirm compatibilty. (Some controllers we've tried will pair but simply not work at all on iOS devices).

Great for using with 3D VR Headsets/Glasses .

At these prices, this would make a great 'something extra' for a Christmas present or child's Christmas gift exchange at school.