iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus Clear TPU "Jelly" Case by Case Mobile

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This TPU "Jelly" Case by Case Mobile is ultra slim and a custom fit for your iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus. It's also extremely clear for a TPU case offering near 100% transparency whilst being made from a material that is durable, flexible and highly scratch resistant (unlike hard cases).

Comes complete with an ultra-thin, optically clear screen protector with an anti-scratch coating providing instant protection from fingerprints, scratches and dust. It's also easy to remove without leaving sticky residue.

Show your Apple iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus to best effect with this super clear but highly durable, original phone case from Case Mobile.

Soft TPU material incorporating multi-channel technology for optical clarity and punch moulding.
Ultra slim, custom fit
Open face design for ease of operation