Home Automation & Lighting Consultancy

Gadget Geeks offers a consultancy service in the greater Auckland area for home automation and lighting.

We can help you save energy by retro-fitting your existing light fittings with LED bulbs. You could save hundreds, or possibly, thousands of dollars on your energy bills over the lifetime of the bulbs.

Thinking about automating your home? Here are some very good reasons why you might:


  • Have your lights come on automatically at varying times to create the appearance that your house is occupied.
  • Be sent notifications if activity is detected within, or outside, your home and view live video
  • Stream an intercom via the Internet so you can 'virtually' answer the door. Let a courier know where to leave a delivery or be alerted to suspicious callers.


  • Arrive home to a warm house by having your heating activated a short time before you are due home.
  • Switch on lights remotely so you can find your way inside when arriving home late.
  • Control lighting, TV and other devices via your mobile phone without leaving the room or chair.

Please contact us via the form below, or telephone 09 303 2929 for more information.