7W LED Light Bulb Warm White (Bayonet)

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7W LED Light Bulb - Warm White with B22 (Bayonet) base.

This bulb has been selected for its strong resemblance to a standard incandescent bulb.

Very similar in size and shape, this bulb will look good in any light fitting where a standard bulb would be used. It does not have any ugly fins or garish colours, just a smooth looking white exterior with subtly placed vents.

By replacing your household incandescent bulbs with these energy saving LED bulbs, you can save hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars over the life of the bulbs.

Whilst using only 7W of power, this bulb has a light output comparable with a 40-60W incandescent (standard) bulb.

When selecting LED light bulbs, we recommend always choosing a sufficient wattage. There are many exaggerated claims about the light output of LED bulbs. Choosing a bulb that is 2-3 watts more will only have negligible affect on your power consumption but will ensure a safer and healthier environment. For living areas, kitchens and bedrooms we would recommend 9W - 15W rather than 3 -7W bulbs, since the latter are only really suitable for very small rooms or where many bulbs are present within the same room.