Premium quality 10W Dimmable LED Light Bulbs (B22)

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  • $12.99

Highest quality compact bulb. Plastic coated aluminium base with aluminium heatsink enables high output from the smallest possible size plus a 140° beam angle ensures great concentration of light where needed.

Measuring only 105mm x 60mm this bulb will easily fit most fittings suitable for incandescent bulbs.

Great as a replacement for 60-75w incandescent bulbs in your home. Excellent power savings.

This is easily the best and, most popular bulb we sell and we receive may favourable comments from those who have purchased this bulb.

We're pleased to offer this dimmable light bulb at a price lower than supermarkets charge for an equivalent non-dimmable bulb. No more keeping multiple spare bulbs, this one bulb will be a suitable replacement for any general light fitting in your home that is connected to a compatible dimmer. Please note that this bulb may not work with older style dimmers, sometimes referred to as legacy dimmers

By replacing your household incandescent bulbs with these very efficient LED bulbs you can save thousands on your energy bills, as illustrated on the Energywise website.