RGB colour changing light bulb + remote: E27 screw

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LED RGB colour changing light bulb + remote: E27 screw

A cool LED RGB light bulb with a wireless remote controller. It holds flash, strobe, fade, and smooth modes for 16 single colours, changing for decor and mood lighting.

Fun for Christmas lights, party or a wide range of lighting applications.

Approximately the size of a standard incandescent bulb, this 3 watt bulb has a smooth white globe shaped cover for even diffusion of light at 160 degrees.

Remote Control Functions:

Off------Power off
On------Power on
Up------Brightness up/long press for fast flashing
Down------Brightness down/long press for slow flashing
R-------Color change to Red
G-------Color change to green
B-------Color change to blue
W------Color change to white
Flash------Auto-change colors, fast skip
Strobe------Auto-change colors, slow skip
Fade------Auto-change colors, fast shade
Smooth------Auto-change colors, slow shade
Other No-letter Buttons------For color-mix

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