Finalmouse Ultralight 2 - Cape Town

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This is the mouse used to win the last fortnite tournament.

A smaller raw composite base with an entirely new construction designed to be beyond ultralight. Only 47 grams! On top of the composite base you can build up to 13,000+ different sizes and shapes with the proprietary solid foam "INFINITYSKIN". Take the Cape Town anywhere from a precise fingertip mouse back up to the dimensions of an air58. Genius. One mouse, infinite dimensions, infinite possibilities, and infinite potential to maximize your aim.

Never before have you been able to customize a shape and size, and micro adjust dimensions in millimeters to maximize and optimize your aim. Players spend lifetimes searching for their perfect shape/size. No longer. With Infinityskin you can precisely tune down to the millimeter every significant dimension of the mouse.

INFINITYSKIN is included with every cape town. They come in various thicknesses in increments of millimeters. Because when it comes to dimensions of a mouse, millimeters matter.

As for the Ultralight 2 itself ...

The new raw composite shell is completely reconstructed. Lighter, smaller, better. Smaller dimensions gave better aim and precision results. The neurokinetics of the human finger allow for greater control with the mouse. The Ultralight 2 is a 47 gram work of art that can be precisely manipulated by the most nuanced finger articulation. Faster, more precise movements. Aim like a god.

Simplified cleaning. You can use water, googone, whatever you want to remove trace amounts of INFINITYSKIN residue, and it wont damage the mouse.

New mouse feet, a completely new cutting technique. Developed to provide the perfect coefficient of glide for a 47 gram mouse. Provides stopping control , but able to be pixel adjusted with minute movements without any stickiness.

New wheel construction. Built to last.

New thinner phantomcord.

All backed by a 4 year limited warranty.