USB Man USB 2 Hub

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  • $7.99

At last, a USB hub with real personality. When ever you need him, USB man will be there, as quick as lightning!

Okay, he can't really run, as the picture implies, but he can help you connect up to four USB devices to your computer with style. And he'll be there when you need him, not down at the pub with his mates talking about rugby, or how to induce thermo-nuclear fusion, or whatever it is men talk about down at the pub ...

He gets on well with both Windows and Mac operating systems, is fully USB 2.0 compliant (what man isn't compliant with the just the right amount of persuasion ;-) - and he's backwards compatible with USB 1.0.

So whether you need him to connect a printer, mobile phone, USB drive, finish that overdue DIY job (maybe not), he's your man. All for the princely sum of $7.99

Snap him up while he's still available!