Best Daydream Apps and Games

 By David Curry


Daydream is one of the premier platforms for virtual reality, while the install base is smaller than Samsung’s Oculus store or Google’s Cardboard, it makes up for it with premium quality games and apps, some of which are exclusive to the platform.

Google Daydream View NZ



The largest library of VR video, with hundreds of content creators adding to it every day. Watch slow motion, sunsets in the desert, cooking programmes and other video projects, in both 360-degree and 180-degree.


Hunter’s Gate

An excellent third-person horde shooter, which allows the player to choose between a hunter and a sorcerer. The aim of the game is to stop the advancing demon invasion, picking up upgrades along the way. The local multiplayer is a nice touch, giving Daydream friends a chance to enter the same reality.


The Arcslinger

With every new motion technology, there comes a western first-person shooter. The Arcslinger is the best of the bunch, combining an intensely fun shooting experience with characters that have a bit of depth, rather than endless hordes of faceless opponents.


Most of the programmes on Discovery are already thrilling enough, but in virtual reality, it's an entirely different ball game. Seeing sharks inches away from your face or lions hunting around your legs is an incredible experience and informative too, thanks to the Discovery team's commentary.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 

One of the classic VR games which has made it to Daydream, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes forces you and a friend to work together to defuse a bomb. One has the manual on how to deactivate, the other has the bomb. Good luck! 


An investigative drama that uses motion and voice to develop the story, Untethered feels and looks different to most VR games. It has a Firewatch vibe to it, (the indie game that was well received on PC and consoles last year).



Bait is a no-frills VR game all about catching the most fish possible. The developer, Resolution Games, has focused on making the experience of catching fish enjoyable and challenging without becoming annoying after extended periods.


NYT (New York Times) is making big moves in the VR world, sending reporters out to remote and hostile locations with 360-degree video cameras. The video sent back is more of an experience, stepping into an unknown land and breathing in all of the virtual world, with commentary from reporters and others involved.

Hello Mars

Space travel is still a few decades from being a reality for most of us, so in the meantime, Hello Mars provides us with a detailed look at the possibilities of the Red Planet. UCCVR Experience Lab make the experience even more epic with a selection of large audio tracks.

Battle Planet

Another third-person horde shooter, Battle Planet puts you in a small world where you need to defuse bombs, defeat the enemies, known as terminoids, and continuously upgrade for the next round. The different world designs lead to a lot of replay value.

Google Arts & Culture

Tired of games? Google Arts & Culture is the perfect resting point, where you can soak up a ton of knowledge on painters, sculptors, and other artists from the past and present.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

VR apps launched alongside a movie have been hit-and-miss, so it is good to see Warner Bros did not skimp on the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them game. It is relatively simple and short — you explore the wild world inside Newt’s briefcase and do some chores for him on the side.



Want to have a full cinema experience but can’t afford the big screen and stereo system? Netflix has a solution, get a good pair of headphones and watch it all in VR. The quality will depend on your Internet speed and your device, so make sure both of them are stellar too.

Google Street View

With Google Street View the whole world is just a few clicks away. Want to walk down Times Square? Oxford Street in London? View the Eiffel Tower? Step into the Colosseum? All of this is possible with Street View and it's even better in virtual reality.


If you can’t find any apps that appeal on the Daydream store, Within is the next stop. It is an app store that works across all devices, (HTC Vive, Occulus Rift, Google Cardboard & Daydream etc), and has hundreds of experiences for VR-heads.